Group C Scenario: You work in a small (58-bed) busy rehab care facility, which has had an increase in medication errors, especially in the management of pain medications (increasing rehab stays, and costs, and increasing family complaints). Upon further investigation, it is found that patients are not receiving all the pain meds that are being ordered and documented, and it is suspected that a staff member is stealing the drugs for personal use or resale. Institute a plan to find the errors and increase medication accountability, without placing blame. How are all members of the IP team involved?

A powerpoint has been created (see attachment) based on the scenario and its contents has other necessary details. Below is a question that should be answered based on both the scenario and the powerpoint:

QUESTION: Which medication administration rights have been addressed by our methods to decrease medical errors, and is there any other methods you can think of to improve our situation?


• You are to answer the above question after viewing the scenario stated above as well as the powerpoint, you are also to demonstrate an excellent understanding of the topic.
• Content is well articulated, flows logically, and facilitates communication.
• Writing is original with limited use of direct quotes.
• Writing is supported by content from the nursing literature and other scholarly resources.
• Writing should offer substantial contributions which integrate peer comments and build on knowledge.
• All citations and references are properly formatted, the in-text citations should have pages of book/ journal/article where it was cited from.
• A minimum of 3 sources referenced in APA format and proper grammar, spelling, mechanics should be used throughout the assignment.

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