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You get to be the instructor! Your job is to teach your peers about an infection or immunity topic. As you are presenting your information, think about the most important aspect of your topic and how you can be the expert for your peers. Your post should be limited to 500 words or less and comprehensively address the question posed. Be creative! Use visual aids, diagrams, etc. to help your peers learn. You should have some type of teaching or visual aid in addition to your text response to the question.

Initial Post

It is understood that thoughtful responses to your topic question will take some time and thought. Please organize your thoughts before creating your initial post.

This week you are responsible for answering one question from your team’s question set, as assigned in the Announcements section of this course. Your post should be limited to 500 words or less and, in addition to your text and course materials, use evidence based, peer-reviewed journals that have been published within the past three to five years.


Abnormal Immune Response



  1. Why are opportunistic infections common with AIDS? Give two examples and why these are less common in immunocompetent patients?





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