In Week 1, you identified a quantitative research study. (Please see attached  study under additional materials) After reading the article, perform a critique of the article using the Quantitative Critique Guidelines (PDF) as a template. Post the PDF of the article and your critique to the drop box.


The Quantitative Critique Guidelines:

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework (10 points)

  1. Is a conceptual framework described? If not, does the absence detract from the significance of the research?
  2. Are the concepts to be studied identified and described?
  3. Are measures for each concept identified and described?
  4. Does the research problem flow naturally from the conceptual framework?

Protection of Human Subjects (10 points)

  1. Is there evidence of an independent ethics review board or a committee?
  2. Has the study been designed to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits toparticipants?
  3. Is there an indication that participants gave voluntary, informed consent?
  4. Is there evidence in the study hat individuals can be identified?

The Problem (10 points)

  1. Was the problem statement introduced promptly?
  2. Is the problem statement significant to nursing and is that significance described?
  3. Has the purpose for conducting the research been explained?
  4. What are the research variables and are they explained?
  5. Will an answer to the problem provide insight into the clinical applicability of theproblem?

Research Question/Hypotheses (10 points)

  1. Are research questions or hypotheses formally stated? If no, should they be included?
  2. Do the research questions and hypotheses naturally flow from the research problem andthe theoretical framework?
  3. Does each research question or hypothesis contain at least two variables?
  4. Are the research questions or hypothesis worded clearly and objectively? Is a prediction evident?

Regis College 2NU726 Advanced Research Methods for EBP I

Review of the Literature (10 points)

  1. Is the review of the literature comprehensive, logical, and relevant?
  2. Is the relationship to the research purpose evident?
  3. Does it include recent research and theoretical work?
  4. Can a case be made for conducting this study based on the literature reviewed?

Research Design (10 points)

  1. What design has been used for the study?
  2. Is the design appropriate for the research question and purpose of the research?
  3. Has enough information been given to permit replication?

Sampling (10 points)

  1. Is the target population carefully described?
  2. Are sample selection procedures clearly defined?
  3. Does the sampling method fit the research design?
  4. Are potential sample biases described?
  5. Is the sample sufficiently large? How has size been justified?
  6. To whom can the study results be generalized?

Data Collection (10 points)

  1. Describe the instruments used for data collection?
  2. Has a rationale been given for the selection of the instruments?
  3. Are the instruments congruent with the research question?
  4. Are the instruments suitable for use with the study sample?
  5. Have procedures for testing the reliability and validity of the instruments been described?Are the results sufficient to indicate their use?

Quantitative Analysis (10 points)

  1. Do the research questions and the study design fit with the analysis methods used?
  2. Does the level of measurement of the data fit with the type of statistics used?
  3. Is the link between the analysis and the findings logical and clear?

Regis College 3NU726 Advanced Research Methods for EBP I

  1. Is the statistical result presented clearly both in the text and in numerical presentation as well?
  2. Are graphic displays clear, simple, and accurate?

Conclusions and Recommendations (10 points)

  1. What are the assumptions and limitations of the study? Are they listed or do you have to infer what they are?
  2. Are the results of the data analysis clearly explained in reference to the research question, hypotheses and theoretical framework?
  3. Has there been appropriate generalization of significant findings beyond the study sample to the population?
  4. What recommendations for nursing practice and future research studies have been made? Are these recommendations supported by the data?

• APA Format: This is a formal paper. The APA format must be used (correct title page, headers, page numbers and correct reference format). Spelling, punctuation and grammar do count in the presentation of all written work. Points (up to 10 points) will be taken off for problems in format and grammar.

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Quantitative Research Critique

4-6 pages- APA format

Some of the most significant current information on patient care in nursing comes from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and articles. Within this category of information sources, we can further divide studies into qualitative and quantitative sources, each with their own set of methods and standards. Within each of these categories, nurses must be able to differentiate between sources of published data that are used to develop evidence-based practice.

For this assignment, you will:

  • Choose a topic or issue that informs nursing practice and has been researched quantitatively. (Note: Meta-analysis and systematic review of literature studies may not be used for this assignment).
  • Select one nursing quantitative research article, published in a peer-reviewed journal, on your chosen topic and follow the steps below.
    • Summarize the research study to include the following:
      • Problem or purpose for the study.
      • Study design.
      • Setting.
      • Data collection.
      • Data analysis.
    • Critique the study in a narrative format addressing each of the following questions:
      • Is the problem significant to nursing and health care?
      • How will it generate or refine knowledge in nursing practice?
      • Was the review of background literature provided?
      • What topics or concepts were discussed in the review of literature?
      • Were ethical standards for research followed and how?
      • What do the findings of the study add to the current body of knowledge?
    • Conclusion:
      • Explain how the study will inform your practice or the practice of professional nursing.
      • Prepare the critique.
      • Follow APA style guidelines.
      • Use 12-point Times New Roman font.
      • Include a title and reference page.
      • Use the following subheadings:
        1. Summary.
        2. Critique.
        3. Conclusion.
      • Cite all references using APA style and formatting guidelines.

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