Quality improvement for fall prevention

• Title   is QI for falls prevention in long-term care•  PICOT question is hourly rounding versus no hourly rounding. 

Description and Significance of the Issue  

â–ªExplain the underlying issue/s, the nature of the problem itself, and the context in which the problem is occurring.â–ª

 Explain what has been done to address the problem. In what ways have previous interventions worked and not worked?

â–ª Explain the consequences associated with not addressing the problem.o Significance of the problemâ–ª 

Explain the significance of the healthcare-related issue using scholarly evidence,nursing theory, and knowledge from other disciplines.

•Core Concepts of Person-Centered Careo Explain how each of the core concepts of person-centered care will be integrated into the quality improvement initiative.▪

 Dignity and Respect (patient and family perspectives, values, beliefs)â–ª Information sharing for decision-makingâ–ª Participation. Patients and families are encouraged and supported in participating incare and decision-making at the level they choose

.â–ª Collaboration Explain why providing person-centered care is important in healthcare.

• Integrate Scholarly Sources Integrate at least 2 scholarly sources to support your work related to integrating equitable, person-centered care standards to improve care across diverse settings.

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