Quality and Safety improvement

Question descriptionIt is a discussion board activity. Must be APA format, maximum of three pages, use Evidence Based Practice (EBP). Please read and review the Cronenwett article. Attached document is the rubrics for grading, a copy of cronenwett article, as well as the link. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) addresses
the challenge of preparing nurses with the
competencies necessary to continuously improve
the quality and safety of the health care systems in
which they work. The QSEN faculty members
adapted the Institute of Medicine1 competencies for
nursing (patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration,
evidence-based practice, quality improvement,
safety, and informatics), proposing definitions
that could describe essential features of what it
means to be a competent and respected nurse. Using
the competency definitions, the authors propose
statements of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes
(KSAs) for each competency that should be developed
during pre-licensure nursing education. Quality
and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) faculty and
advisory board members invite the profession to comment
on the competencies and their definitions and

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