QI initiative Executive summary

  • QI Initiative Part I – Description and Significance of the Problem    Description and Significance of the Problem including PICOT-formatted practice question.
  • QI Initiative – Part II  Description of the Issue or Problem   Description of the Practice Setting    Description of the Stakeholders
  • QI Initiative Part II – The Inter professional Team and Change Theory
    • Description of the Team
    • Description of the Organizational Change Theory to be used
  • QI Initiative Part IV – The Implementation Plan and Resources Needed
    • Description of the Resources Needed to Facilitate the Implementation Plan
    • Implications for Nursing and Healthcare
  • QI Initiative Part V – The Evaluation Plan 
  • 6.  Ethical Responsibilities and Professionalism in Promoting Population Health
    • Describe the ethical responsibilities associated with promoting population health through quality improvement initiatives.
    • What is the nurse’s role in the promotion of equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion related to population health through quality improvement initiatives?
    • Describe the role that lifelong learning plays in promoting positive patient outcomes.
  • Conclusion with Reflection

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