Garcia-Dia (2019) states:

“Having a robust project plan, engaging stakeholders, and empowering the project team can assist the project manager (PM) in monitoring risks, improving quality, and procuring the needed resources to deliver the products and/or services successfully. Project constraints (scope, time, and cost) and other project roadblocks can potentially hinder the PM’s journey. Applying good management and leadership concepts through communication and team management will get the project back on track, allowing the PM to reach the desired destination within the projected schedule.”

(Chapter 12, p. 340,)

Initial Post

Project integration, monitoring, and evaluation are necessary processes of project management. The following describe key elements that make up the implementation process.

  1. What component do you anticipate may be challenging for your project and why?
  2. Describe and outline the key activities involved during the monitoring and controlling process of your project.
  3. **Please use references from the highlighted Text above Garcia-Dia (2019) and other sources within 5 years. Please refer to previous orders relating to the topic for consistency of thoughts and flow of ideas. (NH 33584&33583). Thank you

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