For your project, you will use the websites above to create a program for law, order, and stability in the Civil War and Reconstruction South. You will identify a central problem and offer a programmatic solution.

– First, identify a central problem and describe it here.(100 words)

– List the primary sources that indicate the problem you identified and described. Be sure to use at least one from each website (100 words)

– Describe what program you would institute to bring order and stability to the central problem you identified. Mention what the program would emphasize, whom would it employee, and how would it convince southerners to agree to it. (100 words)

– Describe how you would deal with dissenters from your plan. Mention how you would approach those who oppose you and your program verbally and physically. (100 words)

– Describe the results you expect from your program. Mention how you imagine various different groups would respond to your program and plan. Be sure to use a minimum of one primary source from each website to explain your imagined assessment. (250 words )

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