Program Design

With the continuation of Assignment 2, it is important to notice and appreciate the congruity provided through systematic program planning and evaluation. A well-developed program design facilitates the alignment necessary for an effective intervention, enabling the program to address the problem through appropriate services that–ideally!–result in positive outcomes.

This week you further delineate your program design, crafting elements visually and creating a time line using a Gantt chart.


To prepare for this week’s section of Assignment 2:


  • Refer to the information presented in this week’s Learning Resources as you consider all of the elements of your program.
  • Begin to visualize or draft a graphical representation of your program based on the theory or model you have chosen (Week 3) as demonstrated in Chapter 8 of Designing and Managing Programs. If your theory or model of choice does not have such a visual representation associated with it then you will need to create one.
  • Also, in this design, state your mission, goal(s), and objectives for your program. State all activities that will assist in meeting each objective and outline this in a Gantt chart with time lines for implementing the activities.

Write a 3- to 5-page paper and create accompanying documents that address the following:


Stakeholder Involvement in Developing Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives (developed in Week 5)


  • Explain why it is important for representatives of your target population to be involved in developing the goals and objectives for the program.
  • Identify which stakeholders you would involve in the planning process, and discuss two or more strategies for facilitating their involvement.

Program Design (developed this week, with elements developed in Week 5)


  • Create a visual representation of your program design (e.g., a table or graph) that includes the program’s mission statement, goal(s), objectives, and activities to meet the objectives.
  • Develop a Gantt chart with time lines for implementing all activities that will assist in meeting each of your program objectives.

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