Professional Portfolio PowerPoint Guidelines and Grading Rubric


The purpose of this PowerPoint assignment is to reinforce how evidence-based practice is applied to the nursing profession. This scholarly project provides the opportunity to develop a PowerPoint presentation that utilizes nursing roles, collaboration, change process, team building, quality improvement, evidence-based care, diversity, information technology, and ethical/legal issues.

Course Outcomes

1. Assess and identify a nursing or healthcare issue impacting an identified population. (PO1)

2. Demonstrate the role of technology in data collection, analysis, and distribution to enhance safety and quality, as well as advancement, in healthcare. (PO3)

4. Synthesize scholarly literature to incorporate current evidence into clinical practice. (PO6)

5. Evaluate the appropriate communication level for the target population to improve communication with staff, administration, or patients in their practice area. (PO5)

6. Identify the public health competencies for the identified population. (PO1)

7. Demonstrate synthesis of public health competencies and professional nursing knowledge. (PO1, PO6)

8. Identify the need for education within the identified population and recommend culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate, holistic interventions. (PO1)

10. Identify factors that facilitate development into the professional baccalaureate nursing role of active inquiry and lifelong learning. (PO2, PO3)

11. Envision future health care environments and practices that align with the future of nursing. (PO3, PO4)


1. Discuss with your nurse manager, colleagues, or self-identify a topic pertinent to your work environment.

2. Propose a plan that can change or improve the environment and it’s clinical significance.

3. Discuss evidence-based practice interventions to support the proposed change.

4. Review how this change will be evaluated and identify potential barriers to implementation.

5. Create a PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

6. Develop the following slides for your PowerPoint presentation.

     a. Introduction

     b. Significance

     c. Clinical Application

     d. Evidence-Based Interventions (minimum 2 articles)

     e. Evaluation

     f. Barriers

     g. Conclusion

     h. References

Format for PowerPoint

1. Text Guidelines

     a. Times New Roman or Veranda font

     b. Font size between 14 and 24

     c. Limit graphics or picture to one per slide (not needed for this presentation.)


2. Must have a minimum of 10 slides, excluding references.

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