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Week 14 Assignment: Professional Advocacy

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Completion requirements

To do: Make a submission

Due: Sunday, 3 December 2023, 11:55 PM

Value: 100 points—This assignment is worth 5% of the total grade.

Due: Day 7

Grading Category: Assignments


For this assignment, you will submit two individual letters. The letters should be regarding two different issues. Submission of the same letter to each person will result in a grade of zero.

  • One letter will be written to your state senator or state representative to advocate for a professional issue that is relevant to your state of practice. Select State Legislature Websites to locate your state legislators.
  • The second letter will be written to your member of the U.S. Congress (your U.S. senator or your U.S. House of Representatives member). To locate your U.S. senators and U.S. representatives, use these links:
  • Find Your U.S. Senators
  • Find Your U.S. House Representative

Using the information from Week 13 Discussion 1: APRN Political Action State Initiatives on the issues identified by your state professional organization advocacy team, write a letter to one of your members of the U.S. Congress (U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives) and a letter to one of your state legislators. Remember, these letters should be on different issues.

In these letters, identify:

  • The issue
  • Why it is an issue
  • How it affects patient care and outcomes
  • How it restricts practice
  • A suggestion for removing such barriers

Use information learned from this class as well as information provided to you by your classmates from different states to provide an argument for change. Submit your draft letters for this assignment. Your faculty will provide feedback, so that you can strengthen the letters before mailing them.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.

For this assignment to be considered complete, you must submit two letters (one for the state legislator and one for the U.S. senator or representative) that address all the prompts listed. These letters must be submitted to this assignment by Day 7. Remember that this assignment is complete at 100 points, so make sure you review all requirements and complete the assignment in its entirety. If the assignment is not complete, it is considered incomplete and will result in a 0.


I Live in Massachusetts. 

This assignment is two separate letters

  1. 1. To the Massachusetts state legislator
  2. 2. For the u.s senator or representative

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Professional Advocacy

Please see attached file for instructions. Each letter should be 2 pages each.


…Two separate letters

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