Upload your life long learning presentation 


Sign up: https:/spark.adobe.com

How-to video: https://youtu.be/xqUvKy0VWLk

·         The lifelong learning presentation will be a video presentation that you narrate, describing your journey through the BSN program as a learner, and your plan for continuing your experience of lifelong learning. This is based on your narrative script 

 add to the discussion forum too for your colleagues to view and post 



Additional Informations:


  1. 1) https://youtu.be/xqUvKy0VWLk


  1. 2) Feel free you can record your voice and please stay in contact with and tell me what you need for this presentation.
  2. 3) Do not show your face just talk anything that is good about completing the BSN program.
  3. 4) You will also write my portfolio presentation and the probably in connection.
  4. 5) Please privacy no public view.
  5. 6) for the e-mail, you can create one and give me the pass cord when you finish.
  6. 7) make it simple please. A slow music in the background will be great.

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