You were introduced to the final course deliverables: the ADDIE Slide deck/PowerPoint, the ADDIE Paper, and the ADDIE Video Presentation in Week 1. The first step before looking at these assignments is to identify a practice issue/problem you would like to explore in this course. You may consider using your scholarly practice project (SPP) topic for this assignment. For example, you may plan to incorporate a screening questionnaire to be used by nursing staff upon discharge, such as a Fall Risk Assessment for home evaluation.

Please present your issue/problem in the structure of a PICO question:

P = Population/Problem

I = Intervention

C = Comparison

O = Outcome

Once you identify the PICO questions, propose the question you want to explore, and think about where technology fits into this issue.

Here is an example of a PICO question to guide you:

In patients discharged from a post-acute setting, what is the effect of education on reduced fall risk in the home?

  • Population: Patients discharged from a post-acute setting
  • Intervention: Education on fall risk (Will you develop an education session using technology such as an app or media? Will you incorporate a survey using technology or a media platform?)
  • Comparison: Intervention versus no intervention
  • Outcome: Reduce fall risk in the home (Consider technology you will use to measure your outcomes, such as a statistical software program.)

Please see My PICO Question below

Among patients that are 65 years and older that live alone, does compliance with the use of lifeline decrease fall related injuries and allow for quick access to medical intervention versus patients who do not use their lifeline in the home?

P-Sick Patients that are 65 years and older living alone with multiple co-morbidities. 

I-Implementing a lifeline compliance project among patients who already have the device 

C-Patients who comply with using their lifeline device versus those who do not 

O-Decrease in number of falls and fall related injuries among patients who use their device as intended. 

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