Assignment: Reassessment of Strengths and Opportunities.

For this Assignment, you return to your Week 1 Self-Assessment to gain a new perspective on what you need to do moving forward.

(I submitted my updated self assessment form)


To prepare:

  • Review your completed Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form from Week 1, as well as the record of procedures you have performed throughout the practicum.

Assignment (1 page)

  • Perform a new self-assessment. Rate yourself on clinical skills, based on your experiences during this practicum. Summarize the results.
  • Explain which goals you accomplished and which you did not. If you did not achieve a particular goal, explain how you could continue to work on it after you complete your program, as you advance and grow in your career.

Using the Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form:

  • Rate yourself according to your confidence level performing the procedures identified on the Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form.
  • Based on your ratings, summarize your strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Based on your self-assessment and theory of nursing practice, develop 3–4 goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Include them on the designated area of the form.

SMART Goals:

  • 1. Specific
  • 2. Measurable
  • 3. Attainable
  • 4. Relevant
  • 5. Time Bound

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