Potential roles of religion in our lives





Question One

Potential roles of religion in our lives

Religion is a belief in and worship of a supernatural being. A person inclined to a certain religious faith is expected to be devoted, conform to the set code of conducts by that group and be ready to believe without asking for any proof. Religion is as old as man because its origin can be traced to the Stone Age period when man was shifting from hunting and gathering to a more sedentary lifestyle. Some of the major roles of religion in the contemporary society include, but not limited to the following:

First and foremost, religion helps in inculcating social virtues to the follower. Philosophically, God is the main source of ethics in the society. Thus, individuals get to know about the generally accepted codes of conduct to be used to create harmony and peaceful coexistence at all the times. This means that a committed follower must accept such norms and abide too live by them. It is rewarding when people live according to the expectations of such virtues. This is because everyone aspires to have a fulfilling life after death. In quote four, Meineck, Peter, and Paul Woodruff assert in Theban Plays that the faithful followers are assured of just rewards through the grace of God. Truly, all the Christians, Muslims and members of other classical religions expect a perpetual spiritual reward after death. This explains why they all want to lead a virtuous life in order to be able to receive the perceived blissful eternal life in heaven.

Besides, religion helps to promote social solidarity in the society. It is one of the most popular agents of socialization which nearly all the people are ready to identify with. Religion is societal in nature and brings different classes of people together. Thus, it acts as a unifying factor that unites people from diverse backgrounds. They identify as one body regardless of their differences. This explains why Christians usually consider other themselves as brothers. In quote number eleven, W.E.B. Dubois argues in the Souls of Black Folk that the world is laid open before mankind. This means that there is some exposure got from religion which results from bringing diverse people together. Through such unions, followers come together and share their experiences, testimonies and expectations. This brings a sense of direction and guidance to all of them.

Last but not least, religion determines the political destiny of a country. This began from the medieval period when the clergy used to perform both religious and administrative duties. Many empires were theocratic in nature and considered the monarch to be a representative of God. However, this has continued up to the present times when religion plays a major role in politics. Whenever there is any contentious issue, their opinion is sought. In quote sixteen, the Holy Quran states that God has power over every thing. This is a belief which has been guiding Vatican, England, German, Yemen, Iran and Pakistan to establish theocratic states. They believe in the supreme authority of God. Therefore, they have given Him power to appoint leaders for them. Such leaders are revered and can not be gone against. They are spiritual mentors whose decisions are final.

Conclusively, I would like to agree with the fact that religion is a very important aspect of human life. A part from bringing solidarity, it goes beyond humans to give answers to any metaphysical question concerning their lives. Everyone should identify one religious grouping to belong to. This can help him lead a holistic life full of hopes and promises of rewards in the days to come.

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