Select one of the real cyborgs we studied this week and discuss whether you think their prosthesis or implant contributes to or denies their human dignity.  Be sure to include relevant evidence from this week’s materials to support your points, but do not use quotes so long they overpower your own words. You may look up additional information if you need. Your post should be 250-500 words and submitted in APA format on Brightspace.


Additional Materials:


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Module 5 Key Terminology: Prosthesis and Implants

Cybernetics: the science of how a system communicates information to create automatic processes.  

In a cybernetic system, information is collected, a decision is made based on the information, action is taken based on the decision, and changes are made in the world. Information is collected based on those changes, and the loop continues. 

A thermostatis an example of a cybernetic loop: once you set your thermostat to, say, 72 degrees, it collects temperature data from your house and communicates to the heating/cooling system how much hot or cold air to blow out to maintain the temperature at 72 degrees. Human and animal bodies do similar things: we collect sensory data through our skin, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and our brain automatically responds to allow us to move around in the world. 




Prosthesis: an artificial body part or an implant that allows biological body parts to function normally


  • Artificial limb
  • Artificial tooth
  • Pacemaker

Cyborg:A person whose body has been augmented or enhanced with technology. Technically, a person with any form of prosthetic body part is a cyborg.

Bionic prosthesis: cybernetic body parts or implants. The artificial limb sends electric impulses (information) to the brain, the brain responds with a decision, and the limb moves, just like a biological body part. 

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is a fictional example of a person with bionic prosthesis. 

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