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portfolio content #2

freedom of speech/shouting fire

explain duty ethics/deontology and the categorical imperative

include a one-page critique of duty ethics

provide a one-page report in your own words about an on-line article that relates to free speech. (Attach the article to your report and include the source.)

provide a one-page summary of a ted talk, your choice and in your own words, that relates to free speech (2)

answer study guide questions (Shouting Fire)

How is it that Churchill can avail himself of First Amendment arguments?

Why did Garbus protect the rights of the Nazi demonstrators even though he is Jewish?

Marches require a permit. How else is the right of free assembly limited?

How do direct speech and symbolic speech differ?

Why have student’s free speech rights been restricted? How?

terms for which you provide definitions and/or examples:

protected speech

civil disobedience

categorical imperative

hate speech

first amendment

southern poverty law center

anti- defamation league (ADL)

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

include a three-page paper on free speech related to the film/documentary. provide the required MLA cover page. utilize internal citation(s) and works cited page in MLA format, your best writing skills. IMPORTANT: use instructions for writing the paper included in unit five.

Instructions for Portfolio Two, Freedom of Speech/Shouting Fire

1. Watch Shouting Fire, HBO (choose Vimeo).

2. See Portfolio Two for instructions regarding study guide and terms.

3. Note: Under terms, ADL should read Anti-Defamation League; First item under portfolio content: Deontology and Duty Ethics refer to the same ethical theory.

4. Read Hate Speech, Michael L. Barrett, Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2014.

5. Read Thought Co. What Is Symbolic Speech, Elianna Spitzer, October 15, 2018.

6. Read the First Amendment to the Constitution and include the text in your three-page issue paper.

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