Populations at risk of developing alcohol addiction

Populations at risk of developing alcohol addiction

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Populations at risk of developing alcohol addiction

Exposure and alcohol addiction comes as a result of many issues which present themselves differently at different points in time of an individual. I agree with the discussion that, indeed, some groups within the society are more at risk of getting into alcoholic addiction than others. This is because alcohol is majorly used as a way of helping a person “get high” and for a moment forget whatever they have been going through. Therefore through the use of alcohol the people who use it can forget their emotional pain and feel better. The discussion is about the usage of alcohol by those groups which are not fully supported by society and therefore it can be said to be a valid reason for their behavior.

As Suppes & Wells (2018), state that the groups like LGBTQ and those other lesser groups within the society like the women who have their children and they do not have any financial base as well as do not have any support tend to use a lot of alcohol as a coping mechanism and therefore this makes life very difficult not only for them but also for their children since they expose them to drunkenness. Therefore the above discussion is true and holding according to Suppes & Wells (2018).


Suppes, M. A., & Wells, C. C. (2011). The social work experience: An introduction to social work and social welfare. Pearson Education, Inc…

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