Essay Assignment One Instructions: From the assigned readings in Mason et al. and the assigned topical readings:


  1. 1. Identify a vulnerable group and select 2 theoretical explanations linking specific social determnants to health inequity in this population.
  3. 2. Identify at least 2 interventions that can mitgate poor health attributed to social determinants. How do these interventions differ from your usualy primary prevention strategies?

This essay is not intended to be a research paper, although ideas or data from additional sources may be discussed. It is essential to use proper APA citation for all materials referenced


Reading material: 

  1. Frohlick & Potvin – The inequality paradox: The population approach and vulnerale populations. (pp.216-221). (MO 2,3)
  3. Pacquiao & Douglas (2019). “Place” and health (pp.3-22). Article found in Supplemental Resources Link to left (MO 2,3) 

Mason, D. J., Dickson, E., McLemore, M.R., and Perez, G.A. (Eds.). (2020). Policy and politics in nursing and health care (8thed.) Elsevier.


Grading criteria include: 

1. Evidence of knowledge of assigned reading material [25%] 

2. Analysis based in critical thinking [25%]

 3. Original thought based on reflection on assigned material, personal experience and any relevant outside sources [25%]

 4. Writing efficacy, grammar and citations [25%]


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