Read the attached document and the directions for the assignment. Write the proposal as a Word document.


  1. 1.Health Problem – Identifies an appropriate priority health-related and includes the information addressed in the paper guidelines. Relevant statistical data are included and cited.
  2. 2.Intervention – Proposed intervention is well described and includes all components outlined. Citations are included as needed.
  3. 3.Program Goal, Objectives, and Evaluation Methods – One intervention goal and 2 measurable objectives are presented and an appropriate method of evaluating each program objective is identified.
  4. 4.Deductions from the total assignment grade for grammar, spelling, and APA errors.
  5. • 1 point for each grammatical error (deduction for a particular word that is repeatedly misspelled will be taken only once per assignment);
  6. • 1 point for the use of an incomplete sentence (deduction is for EACH incomplete sentence).
  7. • 1 point for use of margins other than 1 inch (one-time deduction per assignment);
  8. • 1 point for use of a font other acceptable APA 7th edition font style and size (one-time deduction per assignment);
  9. • 1 point for use of single spacing instead of double spacing (one-time deduction per assignment)
  10. • 1 point for each incorrect APA in-text or full reference citation• 1 point for each instance of failure to use an in-text citation
  11. • 1 point for each missing or incorrect full reference citation at the end of the assignment

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