Policy analysis is intuitive. However, applying the 8-step model alleviates some of the challenges of missing details and nuances of policy.

Bardach and Patashnik (2016) posit that policy analysis draws on intuition as much as on method and developed the following approach known as the Eightfold Path:

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Assemble Some Evidence
  3. Construct the Alternatives
  4. Select the Criteria
  5. Project the Outcomes
  6. Confront the Trade-offs
  7. Decide
  8. Tell Your Story

This Assignment requires that you practice analyzing policy by completing a systematic policy analysis of your own. You will conduct research and locate a policy of interest, and provide a detailed description and analysis of the issue.

Focus on an evaluation of the policy and alternatives to deal with the issues. Be sure to analyze policy alternatives and formulate recommendations as needed.

Analyze the policy by using the 8-step model. These steps are not necessarily taken in precisely the order listed, nor are all of them necessarily significant in every problem.

The following Learning Materials will help you with this Assignment.

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