Submit your document in APA format (Title page, running head, no abstract, double spaced document, no first person (I, me, my), use in-text citations and references, with 1 inch margins). Review APA videos for assistance.

Scientific writing parameters should be observed (Tischler’s article) with correct grammar.

It should include an introduction to the problem with some background information (with evidence to support that this is a problem) and your proposed solution (solution should also have evidence to support its use). All work should be cited.

Then outline your PICO and conclude with a problem statement or research question. There should be a minimum of 5 references < 5 years old in a reference page. Two references may be background information but the rest should be actual research studies – one qualitative (if available), 1 quantitative, and 1 outcomes or quality improvement study.

An appendix should follow the references. Submit your evidence table in the appendix. It should contain a minimum of 3 studies on the topic or issue in question with appropriate headings. The design of each study used should be specified in the appropriate column with a level of evidence.

The paper:

Title page – with Running head

No Abstract page

Body of paper with headings

Introduction – 1st level heading (1/2-1 page ends with purpose statement)

Background and Significance – 1st level heading (1 – 1.5 pages)

PICO and Research Question – 1st level heading (1/2 page)

Conclusion – 1st level heading (1/2 page)

References – APA, a minimum of 5 references < 5 years old

Appendix – Table of Evidence with appropriate headings, repeating header, strength of evidence critique, no copy and paste

The headings for the table in the appendix need to include:

Author and year, study title

Study purpose – Why did they conduct this study?

Study Design – Is it a quantitative, qualitative or outcomes study? What is the design?

Setting/Sample/Context – Where did the study take place? Who comprised the sample? What was the sample size? What was the intervention, the circumstances of the study?

Results – What were the outcomes? What were the statistical conclusions? Include p-values and percentages.

Strength of study – What is the level of evidence for this study? What level of evidence chart did you use? Why is it the level you chose?

Clinical question and PICO

Among inpatient psychiatric patients residing in one correctional facility assessment unit, would the introduction of a daily mindfulness initiative compared to routine patient care decrease the number of fights among patients?

P: Inpatient psychiatric patients residing in one correctional facility assessment unit

I: Introduction of a daily mindfulness initiative

C: Routine patient care

O: Decrease the number of fights among patients

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