Philosophy Paper 1. The purpose of this paper is to develop a nursing philosophy paper which should clearly reflect your personal philosophy of nursing 2. This paper will be submitted to your ePortfolio and utilized for your capstone class. 3. This includes a written paper that should be formatted according to APA 7th edition guidelines. 4. No maximum length to this assignment but this paper should be at least six pages including cover and reference pages. 5. Topics to include in your paper: ● Personal Philosophy Statement. This is one to two sentences that summarize your personal philosophy. ● The identification and examination of your own perspective (definition) of nursing’s metaparadigm of nursing, person, health and environment, as well as the identification of other concepts that you believe should be a part of our metaparadigm. ● Discuss how these concepts are interrelated in terms of how you understand and accomplish your work. ● Give examples from your work that captures the essence of your philosophy. For example, Pediatric Nurses: what is your philosophy regarding the nursing care of children? Hospice Nurses: What is your philosophy regarding the care of people at the end of life? Mental Health Nurses: what is your philosophy of mental health nursing? ● Should reflect your experience in practice and your particular area of practice. ● You may want to draw a model to illustrate your practice philosophy. ● Identify a nursing theorist that may influence your nursing philosophy. Explain the basics of the theory. Be careful to not use that nursing theorist’s view as your own! Citations should be included as appropriate. 

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