Philosophy of Ministry Paper Assignment Instructions


You have spent the term learning various aspects of ministry. In this assignment, you will put it all together and develop your own philosophy of ministry. How are you preparing for ministry and how will you maintain your spiritual health? What do you believe about the local church? What role with the Gospel play in ministry? How will you incorporate those things that you consider essential and what methods will you use?



You will submit a paper about your ministry meeting the following criteria. [Note that “your ministry” is not defined as full time vocational ministry, nor is it defined as ministry exclusively in the church. “Your ministry” is defined as anything that you do to the glory of God and for the advancement of the Gospel. Therefore, everyone should engage with each section.]

The body of your paper will be 4-7 pages in length.

The title page and reference page are not included in this page count.

APA, MLA and Turabian are accepted formats. Please choose the format that aligns with your major of study.

You must include citations from at least two sources other than the Bible and textbooks for this course. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.


Your paper should include the following sections, and each section should be identified with the given section title. This paper is mean to be written in first person.


Part One: The Meaning of Ministry

How are you preparing for ministry? This should not be a general answer such as, “I am going to school.” Explain more specifically how school is preparing you for ministry. This is only one example.

How will you continue to grow spiritually as you enter ministry? This must be specific and measurable. As the day to day of ministry becomes more involved, how will you stay faithful to time alone with God? What will your time alone with God look like? What are potential pitfalls for you as you grow in ministry?


Part Two: The Motives of Ministry

What are your beliefs about the local church? Specifically, what is the mission of the church? What makes a church, a church?

What role will the Gospel of Jesus Christ play in your church or ministry? How and when will the Gospel be presented?

What will you specifically do to help those in your ministry develop the mind of Christ?


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CHMN 201

Part Three: The Essentials of Ministry

What do you consider the essentials of ministry and why? You can agree or disagree with the authors, but you should not simply rewrite your previous paper.

How will you specifically incorporate these essentials into your ministry? How will pass these essentials on to others?


Part Four: The Methods of Ministry

What methods will you incorporate into your ministry and why? You may agree or disagree with the authors.

How will you specifically incorporate these methods into your ministry?


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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