It is time to consider “why” the phenomenon of interest you have chosen to research is important to not only yourself, your employment, or your school BUT to health care in general. As you consider the following topics, think about how your identified problem affects that aspect of health care. Is there a need for nursing practice to improve patient outcomes in an organization or for a specific population? Is there any unmet societal need that may benefit from a policy change or initiative? What does the literature reveal about each topic? (Moran et al., page 102)


For each topic, write two paragraphs addressing the current literature findings related to your SPP project. 

  1. Impact on Population Outcomes
  2. Legal and Policy Issues
  3. Quality and Safety
  4. Cost-Effectiveness




PLEASE SEND TO WRITER 584, remember topic is on copd, can you find articles on COPD that relates with anxiety and depression patients/psych

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