The Health Policy Event you choose to attend must be related to Pharmaceutical Policy and have taken place within the past two years.


Please submit your Health Policy Event Log for Week 6 in one Word document to this assignment. 


Follow instructions.

The event must be approximately 1 hour or longer in length and related to Pharmaceutical Policy


 You may choose your own policy. Please note that all events must have a health policy focus and be relevant to High-Value Health Care. Events that are primarily a clinical focus are NOT acceptable.


 Because events must be relevant to current health policy issues, they should have taken place within the past two years. 


You may also select a health policy event not listed in the assignment. The event can be virtual. 

 You may consider a local Board of Health meeting, a legislative or executive branch hearing or meeting on a health policy issue, a meeting by an advocacy organization or special interest group, or a meeting of a political party, political group, or political candidate in which a health policy issue is discussed.







Use these Headings in your Policy Logs!

· Name, sponsor, link to the event

· Place, date, length of the event

· Names of participants and their titles

· Brief summary of the topic discussed (200-400 words)

· My analysis of the health policy issue and its implications for health care (500-750


There is a robust analysis and evidence of integration of course content, utilizing course topics. The analysis section is between 500 and 750 words.


Course content and readings are integrated into the analysis. Two current (within the last six months) references are introduced. Use a total of at least 3 articles.




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