Pharmacotherapy for Eye and Ear Disorders

NUR 557 Module Three Presentation Guidelines and Rubric


The healthcare organization you work for plans to conduct regular professional development sessions for employees. For one of these sessions, you have been asked to prepare a presentation about the pathophysiology and pharmacological options for a disorder of the eyes or ears, depending on your area of expertise or interest.


Choose a disorder or disease that affects the eyes or ears. Create a PowerPoint presentation to describe the pathophysiology and the pharmacotherapy options currently recommended to treat the selected condition. Include at least three scholarly sources, including one clinical practice guideline to support your presentation. Be sure to organize and present your information in a logical, concise style and format.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Pathophysiology: Describe the pathophysiology of the selected disease. Include the following details in your response:
    1. Common causes of the selected disease
    2. Specific clinical manifestations of selected disease
    3. Specific diagnostic and evaluative methods
  2. Pharmacotherapy Options
    1. Selection: Identify at least two pharmacotherapy options for your selected disease, including one first-line medication and considerations for the use of second- and third-line medications. Be sure to include references to at least one clinical practice guideline.
    2. Pharmacology: Describe the pharmacology of each medication you identified for the selected disease. Include the following details in your response:
      1. The generic name of the medication(s), recommended dosage, and route of administration
      2. Mechanism of action and goals of therapy
      3. Specific diseases the medication(s) can treat
      4. When drug therapy would be initiated
    3. Drug Reactions: List the common side effects and risk factors for adverse drug reactions of the medication(s). Consider the following in your response:
      • Any contraindications and special considerations for the selected medication(s)
      • Specific considerations for pregnant individuals, including lactation concerns
      • Any differences in recommended dosages based on age (pediatric, adults, or older adults)
  3. Patient Education: Discuss the patient education you would include as part of a person-centered, holistic treatment plan for the selected disease.

What to Submit

Submit a PowerPoint presentation of 5 to 7 slides with detailed speaker notes. Include a title slide and a reference slide. Sources should be cited according to APA style



Disease for presentation: Otitis Externa

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