My story: I came from East Africa 8 years ago; my mom gave birth to all(4) her kids at home without any complication. Back then (during my great grandparents..), women they don’t have the right to vote, don’t work in office work, their job were raising their children, cooking for the family, they don’t have right even own their wealth if they fought with their husband, they will leave their house without taking any penny. During that time, female circumcision was as a culture, and girls don’t have the right to attend school as boys, but not this time. Women don’t have the right to choose a husband or life partner, only men can choose a wife or partner, only men decided anything problem or plan in marriage, but this time women are getting attention to fight for their right and resolve the issues, this might be happening very remote area, but I’m sure about that  



Your final self-reflection essay: which will focus on your agent status in a given rank.

To complete this assignment, you will need to explore and explain the history of the family you grew up in (biological or given) in relationship to Heteropatriarchy

First, choose ONE of the four course themes/ historical patterns in which you are an AGENT:

  • —  Heteropatriarchy, the Witch Hunts, and the Creation of Capitalism– Gender… I chose this 

1.     The first part of your essay should discuss specifically how your own family history is intertwined with ONE of the core course theme/ historical patterns that we have discussed in class. In this section , you must demonstrate a clear understanding of the course theme/ historical pattern you have chosen by including a clear description of this pattern with specific examples from course texts , including page numbers (for books and articles) and producers (for films). In addition, you must  describe how your ancestors (biological or given) were involved in or affected by your chosen course theme/ historical pattern, give specific examples from your family history, including dates and locations. You may have to conduct your own research for this section. Note: general answers will receive fewer points.

o   For example, instead of saying “I am a cisgendered male, and in so many ways I have been advantaged because of this, as have my father and grandfather,” you must be more specific: “In Washington state, where I was born in 1995, women did not receive the right to vote until 1910. This means that my great great grandmother, who grew up on the Tulalip reservation in the late 1800’s, did not have the right to vote. She had no say in the various laws that applied to her health. including the anti abortion laws that swept the nation in the 1880’s. Until 1910, she was considered the property of my great great grandfather by state law. Part of the reason women in the United States did not receive the right to vote until the early 1900’s is the result of the continued effects of the witch hunts in Europe…” You can see in this example that I have chosen the pillar “Heteropatriarchy, the Witch Hunts, and the Creation of Capitalism” and a focus on the rank of Gender


o   In this first section of your paper, I will be looking for a connection to local Seattle history. You must include a discussion of the health rankings that you have been exploring all quarter. 

2.     In the next section of your paper, you will discuss the main agent skills that you and at least one other family member use in relation to your chosen course theme/ historical pattern with specific personal examples.

·        Please be sure that your paper includes a thoughtful and complex conclusion that addresses the larger themes discussed in your paper. Although I love to hear about how much people love our course, simply stating that this course has changed your life is too general as a conclusion to your paper.



Each quarter, students who were born outside of the United States approach me to ask how they should complete this project, and my answer is that the historical examples that we discuss in our course are all transnational. It is each student’s responsibility to research how the larger historical events that we discuss in class have played out in relation to their specific family history. It is useful for all students, including those born outside of the United States, to ask what impact these historical patterns have had on themselves or their family moving to the US. In what way have these patterns pushed people out of their traditional homeland, and pulled people into the United States?




–specific discussion of family history in relation to AGENT rank, with clear examples, dates, and locations— 25pts

–demonstrated understanding of course theme/ historical pattern with at least two specific examples from course texts– 25pts

— Connection of course theme/ historical pattern to local event from Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Website– 10pts

— AGENT RANK–discussion of main agent skills you use daily in relation to this rank–with specific examples–10pts

–AGENT RANK–discussion of main agent skills your family member uses/used in relation to this rank–with specific examples–10pts

–Essay uses “Both, And” approach, and avoids either/or constructs such as “good/bad” “right/wrong”–10pts

–thoughtful and substantive conclusion–conclusion must be complex and do more than summarize–10pts



Source to use

She’s Beautiful when She’s Angry: documentary


why not home? The surprising birth choices of doctors and nurses


source from the book–Please add exact page number from the book — beyond inclusion, beyond empowerment: A developmental strategy to liberate everyone– 2014, ISBN 978-0-9766112-0-2 

  • –please add some of the following terms, target, agent, survival/confusion, inclusion/awareness, confusion… etc  from the book  to connect  with the course material…


Thank you



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