Susan is an RN on a busy Med-Surg floor.  She is caring for 7 patients, and there are 2 UAP’s assigned to the 22-bed unit.   Susan assessed for orthostatic hypotension in an elderly client.  The blood pressure reading in a supine position is 152/80, and the blood pressure reading in a standing position is 106/68.  The client complains of slight dizziness upon standing.  

1.       What factors may have increased the risk for orthostatic hypotension in this client?

2.       What are the priority concerns for this client, with regard to these blood pressure readings?

3.       What teaching should the nurse provide to this client, to ensure their safety?

4.       What other resources can Susan use to ensure this client’s safety?



Please answer the following questions regarding the Case Study.

Each question is worth 2 points and will be graded with the following rubric.

EXCELLENT = 2 points

ACCEPTABLE = 1 point

POOR = 0 points

Clear, direct & concise. Writing free of grammatical & spelling errors.

Few grammatical and/or spelling errors. Clear & concise writing.

Numerous grammatical and/or spelling errors. Confusing content.


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