pediatric and Adolescent anxiety

Re: Week 11: Group-Facilitated Discussion 1 – Group 2

by William Nichols – Sunday, 9 July 2023, 11:49 AM

Hi Class Here is Group Two Guided discussion, I look forward to reading all your post and engaging is a fruit-full discussion on treating anxiety!

Topic: Pediatric and Adolescent Anxiety  


Pls choose four of the six questions to work on. 

Here is the question below


Discussion Prompts

Please choose four of the questions below to answer in your initial post.

1) How does Anxiety show the mind-body connection?

2) Choose some non-pharmacological and pharmacological methods, and discuss how they impact the physiological response to anxiety to relieve symptoms in the children and adolescent population.

3) Which situations would you use non-pharmacological, pharmacological or both treatment modalities? How would you educate the client and or parents about the physiological effects of stress?

4) Discuss the long-term implications of untreated anxiety.

5) How does parent-only non-pharmacological interventions benefit children?

6) Aside from cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy is another technique in treating anxiety. As this can be a scary technique to use in those suffering from anxiety, how will you help parents and children understand this intervention?

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