• Term paper must be original work primarily based on the existing literature, particularly the most current available for the subject matter. The paper must include your conclusions drawn from the research, and may include your original ideas for improvement of pavement design or selection of best practices based on your investigation.
  • Potential paper topics may be selected from the lecture subjects, or cover pavement design topics outside of those covered in the course. Papers may also consist of critical reviews of several papers on the same subject in the literature. All paper topics must be discussed with the instructor and approved. Papers are due at the last lecture.
  • The paper must include full citation of all references used. The paper must be at least 10 pages not counting figures, double spaced, 12 point font, machine printed, 25 mm margins all around. The paper will be graded primarily on content, secondarily on conciseness, and thirdly on grammar and presentation. The paper may be a detailed evaluation of a narrow subject, or a less in-depth review of a broader subject.
  • There are 14 topics and I just need one:
  • Potential topics for pavement design term papers
    1. Design, construction, and performance of block pavement
    2. The concept and design of perpetual pavement
    3. Features of pavements for airports
    4. inverted pavements
    5. Design, construction, and performance of continuously reinforced concrete pavement
    6. Discussion of potential changes in pavement design and management in the future in the
    context of automated and connected vehicles
    7. Pavement drainage design
    8. Design of gravel pavements or pavements in rural area with low heavy vehicle volumes
    9. Bridge pavement structure and performance
    10. Pavement design for ports
    11. Investigation of type and performance of pavement structures around USF
    12. Potential impact of frequent flooding on pavement design and performance
    13. Pervious pavement structure and performance
    14. A summary and comparison of design methods for asphalt pavements around the world

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