Part Three – The Human Resource Frame

From the articles and books available below in the course schedule, select and report on one text from each list. The report should be 750-1500 words and must include the following:● identification of author, the occasion of article/book, the intended audience, and the place or importance of this book within the field of leadership (250-300 words);● summary of the content of the book (500-750 words); and 


a critical engagement of the book’s contents, along with engagement on the usefulness and limits of the book for research in the field of leadership (500-750 words).


the book that I have chosen is Lee G. Bolman/Terrence E. Deal, 7th Edition Reframing Organizations

Part Three – The Human Resource Frame

  1.                           * People and Organizations 
  2.                           * Improving Human Resource Management
  3.                           *Interpersonal and Group Dynamics 

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