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Part 1. Mission Statement.

Government Agencies

United States Department of Homeland Security

The United States of Homeland Security is a cabinet of department of the United States federal government with the responsibilities in ensuring public security and can roughly be compared to the interior or home ministries of other nations.

Mission Statement: With honor and integrity, we shall safeguard the American people, our homeland and our values. The mission of the agency include the prevention of terrorism and enhancing security, managing borders, administering immigration Laws, securing cyber space and as well as ensuring disaster resilience.

Department of the Treasury

The Department of Treasury is an executive department and the treasury of the United States federal government.

Mission Statement: Formulate and recommend economic, fiscal and tax policies; serve as the financial agent of the government; enforce the law; protect the president and other officials and manufacture coins and currency.

Non-Profit Agency

Charity Watch Agency

Charity Watch was formerly known as the American Institute of Philanthropy. It is a 501 non-profit agencies in the state of Chicago. It was created in the United States by Daniel Borochoff in the year 1992 with the primary aim of providing information concerning the charities financial efficiency, governance, accountability and fundraising as well.

Mission Statement: To maximize the effectiveness of every dollar contributed to charity by providing donors with the information they need to make more informed giving decisions.

Part 2. Information Resource management plan.

Department of Homeland Security

The mission of the agency include the prevention of terrorism and enhancing security, managing borders, administering immigration Laws, securing cyber space and as well as ensuring disaster resilience. There are various ways that the department is able to accomplish its mission and this includes:

The department enforce and administer the immigration laws through streamlining and facilitating the legal immigration process

In ensuring resilience to disasters the department provides comprehensive federal response in the event of a terrorist attack, natural disaster or any other large scale emergency while in collaboration with the federal, state, local and the private sector partners in ensuring a swift and effective recovery effort.

The department prevents terrorism and enhance security by protecting the American people from terror attacks and threats.

The department safeguards and manage borders by facilitating lawful travel and trade within the nation.

Homeland Security safeguards and secures cyberspace by working with the industry and state, local, tribal and as well as the territorial governments to secure critical infrastructure and information systems. It also analyzes and reduces the threats and distributes warnings.

Department of the Treasury

The functions of the treasury are broad and critical to the nation’s wellbeing and therefore to accomplish their mission they are mandated to:

Serve as the president’s principle advisor in the formulation of international monetary, financial and trade policies

Develop policies that consider the economic effects of tax and budget policy

Regulate national banks, the government security markets and the federal and state chartered thrifts

Sell securities required to finance the federal government and report on the government’s financial condition

The treasury is mandated to collect the proper amount of income tax revenue at the least cost to the public and with the highest degree of public confidence

Collection of revenue from the imports and excise taxes on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Improving the government-wide financial management

Disbursing payments to over 100 million citizens annually

Training the law enforcement officers

Manufacture of the currency, coins and stamps for the nations commerce

Enforce laws that are related to:

The smuggling of drugs and contrabands

Trade, tax and financial institutions as well as the telecommunication fraud

Exports of high technology and munitions

Counterfeiting and money laundering

Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives and violent crimes

The protection of the president, vice president and other dignitaries

Charity Watch Agency

To achieve their mission, the organization is mandated to several activities and therefore their goals include:

Researching and evaluating the efficiency accountability and governance of non-profit organizations

Educating the public about the significance of wise giving

Informing the public of wasteful or unethical practices of no-profit organizations and recognition to highly effective and ethical charities.

Advising Charity Watch members and conducting special investigations and evaluations of non-profits

Expanding and re-defining the agency’s programs periodically to meet the continuing challenge of keeping the contributor or the donor informed.

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