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  • conduct a literature search on PAIN CONTROL. 
  • select appropriate articles for evidence based practice project. 
  • Post 5 articles.  The articles need to be published within the last 5 years and they need to be data base articles that are relevant to your topic.
  • identify a nursing research problem you have experienced or a question that has arisen out of your experiences 
  • Describe the background of the problem and clearly explain why this is a problem. 
  • List and discuss 3 reasons for the significance or impact of the problem. 
  • Describe how the resolution of the problem would impact nursing practice 
  • Reference page in APA 7 format 


A thorough description of the Issue/Problem is given

A thorough list of databases used are named and described. Rationales for your choices are listed.

Thorough list of search terms are given

Type of output is given and thoroughly described

Inclusion and exclusion criteria used to keep or discard a piece of evidence is thoroughly described

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