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During your first two weeks at your clinical site take some time to meet with your Preceptor to discuss what clinical goals you would like to accomplish during this clinical semester. Use the learning objectives below to help you and your preceptor define what is attainable in your specific clinical setting.

Submit at least three written clinical goals that you and your preceptor defined for your clinical faculty to review and provide you feedback.

Clinical Learning Objectives

At the successful end of your clinical course, you will attain the following objectives:

Objective one–Related to Adaptation, Nursing Theory and Practice, and Planning Therapeutic Nursing Interventions

  • Facilitates collection of the client data base through use of appropriate interviewing skills
  • Utilizes nursing and related theories in developing a plan of care
  • Collects a complete subjective data base for both acute and chronic health problems
  • Demonstrates technically proficient physical assessment skills
  • Appropriately focuses the physical exam based on the health history

Objective two–Related to Clinical Management, Decision Making and Practice

  • Identifies likely differentials for client’s presentation based on the logical integration of the history and physical exam
  • Provides scientific rationales for the consideration of differentials
  • Accurately assesses the current status of the client with attention to functional status, developmental milestones, psychosocial well being, health promotion and prevention
  • Provides rationales for interventions and plans of care
  • Manages client in collaboration with other professional members of the team, consults appropriately
  • Utilizes interventions that flow logically from assessment of the client’s status
  • Evaluates patient outcomes to define appropriate interventions
  • Considers indications, side effects, potential drug-drug interactions in ordering medications

Objective three–Related to Documentation and Therapeutic Communication

  • Uses verbal presentations that are concise, accurate and pertinent to the patient’s presenting problems
  • Writes clinical notes that are concise, complete and accurate
  • Develops problem lists that are comprehensive and reflect a holistic approach to patient health problems
  • In the professional role the student communicates with all others including, but not limited to, clients, colleagues, faculty, preceptors and office staff, in a clear, respectful, civil and informative manner

Objective four–Related to Clinical Research and Teaching

  • Utilizes current literature in designing and evaluating plans of care
  • Plans care including appropriate diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational interventions
  • Integrates current research on pharmacotherapeutics while designing the therapeutic plans of care for individuals
  • Communicates current research findings to faculty and peers during clinical seminar

Objective five–Related to Ethical, Legal and Professional Standards of Practice

Integrates ethical, legal and professional standards of practice in all interactions with clients and colleagues

Objective six–Related to Self-Directed Learning, Professional Development, and Role of Advanced Practice

  • Accepts feedback from faculty and community preceptors and incorporates suggestions for improvement into practice
  • Develops clinical goals and objectives and assumes responsibility for identifying and meeting these objectives
  • Fulfilled the required clinical hours in the area of specialty


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