Organizational Culture- Avon’s Case Study


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Organizational Culture- Avon’s Case Study

Question 1.

The recent struggles in Avon have not been contributed to the company’s culture but can be attributed to the poor strategizing. Avon has invested in a large market as it is a global market, it has employed a large number of staffs in the respective countries. Despite investing in a large market, poor strategizing comes in especially when it comes to the investments of the beauty products even in the countries have poor consuming behavior of the beauty products such as South Korea and Vietnam. The constant blind marketing strategies to low consuming markets may have played a bigger role in Avon’s struggles. In another reason, the company has not endorsed the current marketing strategies that are in conformity with technology and therefore have made it difficult to reach its customers. A large workforce implies a large amount being spent on salaries depriving the company its profits.

Question 2.

Avon’s organizational culture is centered on the business and customers, and besides, the business values of belief, integrity, respect trust, and humility have played a crucial role to the two important functions of an organization’s culture. Internal unity has been achieved through the coordination of the company’s employees to work towards the achievement of the company’s objective of empowering women. On the other hand, the aspect of adaptation to change is possible integrity and respect; being customer centered the organization is able to change to the needs of their customers as they are kept at the forefront.

Question 3.

A strong organization culture ensures that the services provided are of great quality and that is consumer oriented. The organization culture of Avon aims at focusing on the business and the customers. The business is composed of the representatives in the various parts of the world while the customers are the potential and loyal clients who are subscribed to the company’s products. Avon’s culture can be termed as being strong as it is centered towards its customers as their main objective is focusing on women.

Question 4.

Avon’s culture is more of an adaptive culture. The main reason is that the consumers of a product keep on changing day to day with their needs. According to the solutions provided by McCoy, the company’s future survival depends on its ability to evolve and at the same time adapt to the changing market and the economic conditions. Furthermore, the company needs to change its marketing strategies and the use of technology as they will have a great impact on the buying and selling of Avon’s products. All these strategies are adaptive as they advance with the needs of the consumers.

Question 5.

Being the new CEO of Avon, McCoy plays a crucial role in fostering a climate of strict ethical standards at the organization. The reason behind that is that she is the leader and executor of the business’ plans through her thoughtful ideas and despite that, she is committed to Avon’s culture as well as its values. The CEO, McCoy emphasizes on the employee engagement to reach crucial decisions that affect the business, and through this, she is capable of fostering a climate of strict ethical standards among her employees.

Question 6.

Avon has a strong culture that allows for diversity, and its main value respect assists the company to value their difference, appreciate one another for their unique qualities and therefore through respect they are able to bring out the full potential of every individual. McCoy as the CEO on the other hand, emphasizes on the engagement with her employees so they can give their opinions regarding the running of the business and therefore, she promotes diversity in decision making taking into consideration that her employees come from all over the globe.

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