Oppositional Defiant disorder

Week 3: Select a Topic for Week 5 Pair Presentation

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Completion requirements

Done: Choose a group

Value: Ungraded

Due: Day 7


Select a topic for the Week 5 Pair Presentation. Please note that:

  • Topic choices are first come first served, and topic choices will not be available to you if two students have already selected them.
  • You are encouraged to reach out to classmates and coordinate your choice of a topic early, which will also help you avoid ending up with a topic that lacks a partner.
  • If you are alone in your topic after Day 7, you may choose a new topic or request assistance from your instructor in an email that includes your name, topic already chosen, and what topics you would not mind joining.
  • If there are an odd number of students in the course, your instructor may need to manually create one group of three students.
  • Once you have chosen a topic and have a partner, you can work with your partner however you both decide to do so (by Zoom, email, telephone, or any other option you choose). Details are in the Week 5 Pair Presentation assignment instructions.

Your selection: Oppositional Defiant Disorder


The topic is oppositional Defiant Disorder

This is a paired presentation, my paired partner has prepared the outline. I will email my portion. 

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