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Online and Distance Education Strategies

The two strategies that I will comment on are the implementation of information security best practices including all applicable compliance requirements, and the other one is maintaining of technology standards for all classrooms to include a computer, a presentation system, a document camera, and basic network and cable connectivity. The IT infrastructure staff has done their best to provide a conducive study environment for us as students. The implementation of information security best practices is beneficial to us since it enables our safe operation of applications implemented on the school’s IT system. It is significant since it makes sure our learning data and files are protected. It offers a stable security environment.

On the other hand, the strategy of maintaining technology standards for all classrooms with electronics like a computer, presentation system, and the basic network has helped to close a gap in the face of the pandemic. This strategy has enhanced learning connections between us and teachers. It makes teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. As a student, I can collaborate with other classmates through these technological implements. These technological implements create a more engaging environment for us as students. It helps encourage more active participation and improves collaboration in the classroom.

The work of the IT infrastructure staff means to me. Nowadays, during my virtual learning, I no longer see pop-ups, unknown emails, and links. This is beneficial to me and makes my learning effective. The use of strong passwords and authentication by the IT infrastructure staff is helpful to me since it protects my data. The IT infrastructure staff has also done a great job in the sector of maintaining technological standards for all classrooms since it has incorporated different learning styles and prepares us for the future.

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