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Oedipus Character

Oedipus also means swollen foot. According to the play Oedipus Rex, he was Thebes ‘ legendary Greek ruler. Incidentally, Oedipus, a heartbreaking saint in Greek folklore, satisfied a prescience that he would end up slaughtering his father and marrying his mother, thus bringing calamity to his town and family.

The ensemble’s appeal which opens Oedipus the King bears witness to the reliable administration of Oedipus. He was a decent ruler for Thebes, and in an emergency, he moves to spare his city, but Oedipus needs watchfulness in his enthusiasm and vitality. At the point, for example, when Creon carefully points out that they should talk in private about the prophet’s news, Oedipus won’t, and insisting that every move he makes to discover and cleanse the city’s pollution be open.

In conclusion, Oedipus has been kind and humble king and has always been listening to the people of Thebes’s city. He even asks his brother in law to go and seek advice in regards to Oracle at Delphi. This shows how dedicated he is for his city to prosper. He used to communicate in the classical Greek language which was the original set up style of Oedipus Rex. His drive to uncover the puzzle and his pride in playing his academic achievement before the city as a whole ends with sickening dread, as he finds that the object of his persevering inquiry is himself.


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