The world’s food nutrition and exercise patterns have changed dramatically in recent years and now, more than ever, we are seeing chronic lifestyle diseases. Proper dieting and exercising plays a major role in human body care and disease prevention. Nurses, being the primary care handlers of patients struggling with nutrition problems, must understand the very root of the nutrition topics to allow them to give informed advice to the patients.

Nutrition and exercise nursing classes cover a wide range of topics such as aerobics and health, nutrition and athletic performance, exercise and pain, healthy living, muscle mass and strain, health-conscious lifestyles, eating habits, cholesterol control, binge eating, weight gain, veganism, Olestra, dieting advice, Cancer, nutrition ethics, nutrition and hypertension, sleep benefits, rollerblading, eating disorders and residential treatment among many others.

Relationship between nutrition and health

Nutrition habits and exercising play big role in the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure. These two factors are also important in the recovery process of patients suffering from illnesses. Nurses are required to study and master the art of good dieting habits to allow them to help their patients in the recovery process by making informed decisions.

Whether you land in a major hospital or a community clinic, it is your duty as a nurse to help your patients adopt better lifestyle trends in a journey to prevent such chronic illnesses as cancer, and it all starts with the nutrition of the subjects. Nurses may also be requires to give public statements and educate the public on such contemporary topics as nutrition and exercising to protect them from the dangers of unhealthy living that they may possibly face.

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