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Part II: Discussion and Conclusion

  • In the last 3-4 paragraphs, discuss how nursing practice has been or could be impacted by this issue and suggest 1-2 strategies that could help improve the issue in the workplace.
  • Provide a clear and concise summary of what has been learned through exploration of the topic as it relates to nursing practice.
  • You should include an abstract.
  • Rubrics
  • 1. Author provides a clear and thorough description of how the chosen issue impacts nursing practice. Uses at least one source to support claims.
  • 2. Author provides at least one strategy that could improve nursing practice as it relates to chosen issue. He/she demonstrates critical thinking; ideas are well thought out and expressed.
  • 3. Author provides 2 additional peer-reviewed research articles supporting the intervention AND articles are current AND meet criteria for paper.
  • 4. Author’s conclusion is logical and provides implications for how the information presented in the paper impacts nursing. Author draws appropriate conclusions based on information presented.
  • 5. Perfect APA (author provides a title page and reference page which are free of APA errors & in-text citations are in APA style throughout paper) AND there is no plagiarism.


References used on part 1

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