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Nursing and Medical

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Collaborative Nursing

Evidence Based Practicecommunities, and populations” (66). The American Organization of Nurse Executives
(AONE) assumptions for future patient care delivery include the following:
Assumption 1: The role of nurse leaders in future patient care delivery systems will
continue to require a systems approach with all disciplines involved in the process
and outcome models.
Assumption 2: Accountable Care Organizations will emerge and expand as key defin‐
ing and differentiating healthcare reform provisions that will impact differing care deliv‐
ery venues.
Assumption 3: Patient safety, experience improvement and quality outcomes will re‐
main a public, payer and regulatory focus driving work flow process and care delivery
system changes as demanded by the increasingly informed public.
Assumption 4: Healthcare leaders will have knowledge of funding sources and will be
able to strategically and operationally deploy those funds to achieve desired out‐
comes of improved quality, efficiency, and transparency.
Assumption 5: The joint education of nurses, physicians, and other health profession‐
als will become the norm in academia and practice promoting shared knowledge that
enables safer patient care and enhancing the opportunity for pass-through dollars to
apply to APRN residencies and/or related clinical education (2010, pp. 1–3).
The five NAM core competencies are interrelated with these assumptions. Also,

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