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This assignment is to interview a nurse educator, and write a reflection paper for the interview. (I understand you cannot really interview someone, so just make it up). I attached the interview questions. 


Assignment Guidelines:


Your interview paper should include:

  • -Trends and changes in nursing education as experienced by the person you interviewed.
  • -A reflection that compares your interview data to class readings and the literature that you reviewed prior to conducting the interview (pay special attention to trends, themes, concepts, and changes in nursing education).
  • -What you learned as a result of this assignment.
  • -A conclusion discussing your personal thoughts, opinions, views, and insights related to the specific area of nursing education of your interviewee.




The paper is not about answering the questions, it is a summary and reflection of data collected with a comparison to the current literature, need to analyze and synthesize the responses to evaluate the role of an educator


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