NUR 557 Project 2

Population Health: Imagine that you are the nursing director at a local nonprofit community health clinic in your area. You are tasked with preparing a presentation outlining a treatment plan for a common condition or disease seen in the clinic. You plan to do the presentation at a meeting of other health professionals before adding this presentation to the next round of new employee orientation sessions. The presentation should summarize the condition or disease, including the pathological aspects of such condition or disease, diagnostic testing, and a list of common pharmacotherapeutics as part of the treatment plan.


Choose a different disease from the one selected for Project One or any other activity in the course and address the following critical elements in your presentation. Record your video using Bongo and the How To – Record and Submit an Individual Assignment in the Bongo resource linked in the Supporting Materials section. Your video will be a presentation; it should be a screen share with recorded audio dictation.

Provide specific evidence from at least three scholarly sources, at least one of which is a current clinical practice guideline, to support your claims.

  1. Subjective and Objective Findings: Synthesize the expected subjective and objective findings of diseases to inform a treatment plan.
  2. Most Effective Pharmacotherapeutic(s): Determine the most effective pharmacotherapeutics for the management of the selected disease based on a recent clinical practice guideline. Consider the following questions in your response:
  3. Expected Outcomes: Summarize expected outcomes of the treatment, including health promotion and prevention options. Consider the following questions in your response:
  4. Holistic Treatment Plan: Determine appropriate follow-up care as part of a holistic treatment plan. Consider the following questions in your response:


What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:


  • Your PowerPoint must include 12 to 16 slides, plus a title slide and references slide. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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