NUR 531 Project 2


In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Apply a systems theory leadership approach to improve safety and quality


Inter professional leadership benefits from having several tools at the ready to meet the demands of the healthcare systems. These tools will help you do your analysis and make decisions based on the results. Quality improvement models typically focus on what is referred to as the Triple Aim. This includes improve the health of a population, improve the experience of care, and improve the costs related to providing care. There are many tools that could be used to assess healthcare systems. Some tools are applied proactively, others in response to an event, and others are used to evaluate outcomes. In this project, you will work with a sample of leadership tools that use a systems theory approach and can be applied in various practice settings to address improvements related to patients, populations, structures, procedures, and others. One of the most common analysis tools useful for strategic planning is the SWOT analysis. Some analysis tools that are used for problem solving include FMEA, flow charts, and root-cause analyses. A model of improvement is used to frame change initiatives and may include PDSA, Six Sigma, LEAN, and others. The ability to analyze data trends is also a valuable skill in any leadership role.


The hospital you work for presents an annual innovation award internally to a nurse or nurse-led group who presents their work. Awards are given to nurses or nurse-led teams who implement a program, project, product, or practice that exemplifies innovation in the areas of patient safety and/or outcomes. The requirements to submit for the award include three major components called a toolbox. You plan to submit your toolbox for the annual innovation award using the following parts: Part 1: a proactive systems assessment, Part 2: a reactive systems assessment and quality improvement models, and Part 3: evaluate outcomes using data trends.

These three parts will be pieced together to showcase the work and present for your hospital’s annual innovation award.


Construct a leadership toolbox in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Include three sources to support your claims.

Specifically, your presentation should consist of the following three parts:

Part 1: Proactive Systems Assessment

  1. Incorporate a proactive systems assessment. Consider the organization in which you are currently working. Conduct a SWOT analysis that focuses on the organization’s ability to implement one of the following innovations into the strategic plan (chose one from the list):

Part 2: Reactive Systems Assessment and Quality Improvement Models

  1. Incorporate a reactive systems assessment. Complete a root-cause analysis. Using the case study listed in the Supporting Materials section, complete a root-cause analysis.
  2. Determine a quality improvement model for an evaluation of outcomes.

Part 3: Evaluate Outcomes Using Data TrendsUse the provided partial data set and address the following:

  1. Identify trends in the data. Choose a cancer type to graph against demographics (either age or ethnicity) (example: number of cases of bone marrow cancer by age group)
  2. Analyze outcomes using data. Interpret your graph – tell the story of your data. Describe what the data is telling you based on the visualization. Discuss what you learned from the data.

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Innovation PresentationYour submission should be an 8-to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation including title and reference slides and speaker notes. Include three sources to support your claims. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Supporting Materials

The following resources support your work on the project:

Resource: Project Two Case Study

Resource: Project Two Data Set

Reading: Create a chart from start to finish This Microsoft-provided tutorial should be used as a reference when working on your visualizations.

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