k 6 Discussion 1: Depression Scenarios


Initial Post

  1. For this discussion you will build on your treatment plan from the assignment k -5 Depression Case Study. You will be seeing your patient at the six-week follow-up.
  2. Describe your treatment plan for your patient in each of these three scenarios. This means that you will have a treatment plan for each separate scenario.
  3. Your initial post should be in APA format with evidence-based references to support your statements.


  1. There is no response to the medication.
  2. There is a partial response to the medication. Mood has lifted but energy and motivation are still poor.
  3. Mood is improved but the patient has sexual side effects that interfere with quality of life.

Reply Posts

Compare your response to two of your peers. Do you agree with their decision making? What are the pros and cons of their choices? What other suggestions might you offer?

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