Complete the Genitourinary SOAP Note.

  1. 1. Diagnostic results: Include any labs, x-rays, or other diagnostics that are needed to develop the differential diagnoses (support with evidence and guidelines)
  3. 2. Primary and differential diagnosis: List a minimum of three differential diagnoses. Your primary, or presumptive, diagnosis should be at the top of the list. For each diagnosis, provide supportive documentation with evidence-based guidelines.
  4. Primary diagnosis: Spermatocele

Differential diagnosis: Scrotal Hernia and Testicular Tumor.


3. Plan: Includes therapeutic interventions (pharmacological and Nonpharmacological), education, disposition of the patient, and any planned follow-up visits. Each diagnosis or condition documented in the assessment should be addressed in the plan. The details of the plan should follow an orderly manner.

Include a discussion related to health promotion and disease prevention, taking into consideration patient factors such as age and ethnic group; PMH; and other factors, such as socio-economic and cultural background.

The reflection also is included in this section.

 Reflect on this case and discuss what you learned. Were there any “aha” moments or connections you made?

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