Fluid Electrolyte Case Study

 Sarah Smith, a 73-year-old female with advanced breast cancer has been receiving chemotherapy on an outpatient basis. She completed her third treatment 5 days ago and has been experiencing nausea and vomiting for 2 days even though she has been taking prochlorperazine (Compazine) as directed. Ms. Smith’s daughter brings her to the hospital, where she is admitted to the medical unit. The admitting nurse performs a thorough assessment.

Subjective Data

·        Complains of lethargy, weakness, and a dry mouth

·        States she has been too nauseous to eat or drink anything for 2 days

Objective Data

·        Heart rate 110, pulse thready

·        Blood pressure 100/65

·        Weight loss of 5 pounds since she received her chemotherapy 5 days ago

·        Dry oral mucous membranes

Directions:  Submit your answers to the following questions.


Critical Thinking Questions

1.      Based on her clinical presentation, what fluid imbalance does Ms. Smith have? ( This is an electrolyte case study)

2.      What additional assessment data should the nurse obtain?

3.      What are the patient’s risk factors for fluid and electrolyte imbalances?

4.      The nurse draws blood for a serum chemistry evaluation. What electrolyte imbalances are likely and why?

5.      The physician orders dextrose 5% in 0.45% saline to infuse at 100 ml/hour. What type of solution is this and how will it help Ms. Smith’s fluid imbalance?




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