Nick Gibbons Case

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Nick Gibbons Case

Nick Gibbons’ ambition in this case study was to have the newspaper produced every day and available to the public at all times. This is in contrast to the owner’s ambition, which is to limit the number of days the daily is produced to three per week and make the rest of the time available online. Nick’s biggest issue in adopting these reforms was changing the cultural ideas of his workers and the general public. For a leader to carry out his or her superiors’ vision, he or she must be an example of that vision.

Nick, I believe, wanted to reveal the inner workings of the publication to the public so that people could understand what goes on behind the scenes. I believe he believed that if they were more transparent with the public, the public would be more accepting of the new path the newspaper was taking. His goal was to make the transition from a print newspaper to an internet newspaper as painless as possible. And he hoped that popular backing would make the changeover go more smoothly.

The owners’ vision demanded changes in values, such as switching the newspaper from print to online. Nick planned to continue printing the newspaper three days a week and publish it online the rest of the time. He also envisioned his workers and the general public becoming accustomed to the idea of a partially online newspaper. He realized this would be a difficult undertaking because the workers and readers were used to the traditional newspaper format.

Nick did an excellent job of defining his paper’s vision. He came up with a three-pronged approach that was a terrific method to put his vision for the newspaper into action. The first phase in his three-pronged strategy was to warn the whole newspaper staff that they would be laid off in three months and would have to reapply to save their positions. The second step of his proposal was to relocate the offices to a smaller location on the first floor with plenty of windows. He accomplished this so that the public could easily view the newspaper’s inner workings.

Yes, I believe the paper will prosper under Nick’s leadership. Despite the negative response to the digital transformation, which resulted in the loss of many of its advertisers, the company never lost hope. After four years, they are starting to see an increase in readership. I believe the newspaper will continue to expand under Nick’s leadership if he continues to employ the tactics he has employed to keep everyone motivated.


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