New Testament Bible Study Assignment Instructions


As we have seen throughout our Gospel readings and The Inquisitive Christ, questions fill the pages of the New Testament. The Socratic Method is employed in order to create a dialogue between author and reader. Questions honor our need to think, explore, and discover as students. Throughout the four Gospel accounts, Jesus himself asked over 300 hundred recorded questions. For this assignment, each of the three topic options includes an inquiry asked in the Gospel narrative by Jesus to be explored by the student.


New Testament Bible Study Assignment Options:


Matthew 15:32-39

John 5:1-17

John 14:1-12


Assignment Instructions:


The student will complete the NT Bible Study Assignment, where they will demonstrate correct use of the hermeneutical method in order to properly study and understand a passage of Scripture. The students will seek to discover what can be learned regarding the questions of Jesus in the Gospel narratives, applying the various steps when he or she is studying using the technique of observation, interpretation, correlation, and application. In this assignment, students will also relate the particular passage to the redemptive narrative of Scripture. Rather than using the typical research paper format, this assignment will be completed using a template developed from Everyday Bible Study. In order to fully complete the NT Bible Study Assignment, the student will consult, interact with, and document the course texts The Inquisitive Christ and Everyday Bible Study, as well as at least three (3) additional scholarly sources using the academic formatting style of your degree program (A.P.A., M.L.A, or Turabian). Refer to the “Course Policies” in the course syllabus for the formatting expectations in this course.


The crafting of this assignment may appear overwhelming at first glance. Take heart! By using the Bible Study Preparation Assignment, your paper is well on its way to being complete. Approach it this way:


Using the provided template, fill in the different components of your major points with original content and scholarly support.

Begin with your document from the Bible Study Prep Assignment, copying the template into this document.

Please include the template outline within your submission.

Conclude your essay with a concise conclusion that summarizes your major points

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